“B2B Corporate” Business Subscription

  1. Direct delivery, at the best price, to private facilities of subscribers in Kinshasa and in the Province of Kongo-Central.
    * Customers place their order for diesel or petrol by telephone (minimum 500 liters)
    * Delivery is guaranteed the same day, all year round, Monday to Saturday.
  2. Access to the private station of SODEP Limete 5ème rue.
    Subscribed customers can send their vehicles to refuel in the private SODEP station located on 5ème rue Limete.
  3. Refueling in public service stations.
    Vehicles in the fleet of subscribed customers can refuel at the 5 SODEP service stations while preserving the specific advantages of their subscription.
  4. Periodic and detailed invoicing.
    Allows the customer to better manage their purchases and fuel consumption.

Other B2B services

  1. Periodic maintenance of the installations at the customer.
    The SODEP technical team carries out on-site maintenance of tanks, cisterns, pipes and distribution equipment for customers with private facilities. If necessary, they repair the equipment with original spare parts.
  2. Petroleum engineering.
    SODEP designs and installs tanks, private stations and dedicated mobile stations for the customer.
    SODEP’s design office and technical team work closely with DISTRITEC for the supply of major global brands